Talk Dirty to Me - Again!
This is a revised and updated version of How To Talk Dirty - A Hands on Guide to Phone Sex.
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Talk Dirty to Me

Confessions of a Sex Chat Girl



Welcome to my world

Part I: The Chat Girl

Captivated by Me (An erotic brief - 1)

Sowing the seeds

Wanted: chatty girl with dirty mind

Going it alone

Darkest Desires

Lonely spinster? I think not!

Getting into character

Behind the scenes

An open book

Just a nice lady doing naughty-but-nice things

Fat Arse Bitch (An erotic brief – 2) 


Part 2: The Callers

Saucy schoolgirls and horny grannies

Girl-on-girl action

Teasing the unpopped cherry

Cock-sucking straight guys

Dressing for the occasion

More than a woman

Catch me if you can

Marry me, darling

Male order

Hot on my heels

Quick off the wrist or tediously slow

Mother fuckers

Keeping it in the family

Doggy style

Only the lonely

Toilet titillation

Take my money, I deserve it

Torture chamber

Whip ’em into submission

You command, I obey

Murder most horrid

Sick, perverted bastards



Part 3: The Calls

Dirty old dog (An erotic brief – 3)

Deedee: the randy receptionist

Simone: the heartless dominatrix

Pat: the dirty old whore

Mandy: the desperate, dirty student

Laura: the lustful lingerie model

Ruby: the dirty cum slut

Debbie and Vicki: the lesbians

Belinda: the submissive housewife

Mummy Dear: the mother

Terri: the she/he

Selina: the steamy seductress

Sadie: the sadistic torturer

Mabel: the dirty old granny

Kate: the dog lover

Sharon: the sex-crazed aunt

Camilla: the posh bitch

Roxy: the toilet slave-driver

Dirty Diana: the saucy story teller

Sophia: the naughty schoolgirl

Nanny: the sissifier

Karen: the angel of anal

Jolene: the fiery redhead who loves talking dirty


Come again soon