How to Talk Dirty - A  Hands-on        Guide to Phone Sex
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This is my semi-biographical book about my life as a chat girl and how I became 'Jolene' the best phone sex operator in the UK, possibly in the world!

Me and my book became known to the world thanks to my Channel 4 documentary, 'My Phone Sex Secrets' which can now be found on YouTube. 



No Subject Taboo, Taste The Forbidden


All our adverts inform the prospective caller of this; No Subject Taboo, Taste The Forbidden, irrespective of the main heading. There again, so do a few other companies in the ‘call back’ phone sex business. We, on the other hand, stand by our word. We do actually speak about anything. No matter if it’s illegal, forbidden or taboo. We cater to every fantasy. That includes under-age, incest and bestiality. This is the reality of the live phone sex or adult chat lines.

Some of these subject matters are of great curiosity to most men and, to be honest, curiosity is really all it is. For some, their frustration haunts them daily until they are able to set their demons free, and the only way to do this safely is to talk to someone who understands their need to talk openly about their hang-ups, and even to go as far helping them to fulfil their sordid fantasies, obsessions, fetishes or whatever it is you like to call them.


Many of the guys or callers, as I refer to them. After all, that’s what they are, actually feel quite guilty about their particular fantasy and say as much. Most are not even aware how common their fantasies are. They range from having sex with their sister or auntie to their mother-in-law, even their mothers. On the odd occasion, even their mother and father with the odd touch from granddad! Oh yes!

Some fantasise about their wives or girlfriend having sex with other men, either willingly or against their will. The most common fantasy of all is sex with a teenager, of around fourteen. I suppose they feel they are young, but not too young. Again, it’s something they can never have, and you know what they say about forbidden fruits!

Whatever their reason, fetish, fantasy or obsession, they need and will always need women like me to set them free of their tormenting demons so they can go about their daily lives rid of the evil that secretly lies within them. This desperate need they have which is so often suppressed by most men is what makes Live Call Back companies and Premium Rate Lines such a popular thriving industry. 


However, there is a lighter side to the darkness that hides within the heart of man. A lightness that will shine throughout the pages of my book as I recount the tales of men who regularly call me, in the hope of fulfilling their ‘Darkest Desires.’

To Jenny,  The chameleon sex Goddess of men's dreams.
You are a reflection of our own fantasy. A canvas we can project a fantasy upon that then comes to life.
That you are every man's fantasy embodied and then turned back on itself, changing to meet the desires of a million imaginations who are waiting for a latter-day sex Goddess...A shape-shifting spirit of eroticism that knows every man's darkest desires, this is you.
In your imagination, men can find their own secret desire and you amplify it to a note of perfection taking man and the fantasy to a level as yet unexplored.
  Your Dan, my secrets are safe with you xx