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              My Latest Book...
Welcome to my world of being an escort cum dominatrix. It is a frank, uncensored and sometimes hilarious account of the clients that stepped over my threshold.

How I started out as an escort which finally gave birth to me as a dominatrix and a very much desired larger lady perfect for smothering, crushing and trampling.

The book is intertwined with my real-life experiences that lead me to the woman I am today; strong, independent and force to be reckoned with and an incredible ability to cripple men with expert ease while discovering my talent for beating and torturing men for a living. 

Want to know about the real BDSM world then this is the book for you. Want to know what men really want? Then be prepared to be shocked and disgusted. The colour grey does not exist within my book only black and blue, and sometimes bloody. 



He sounded quite nice on the phone, as begged me to allow him to visit me. Still uncertain, I kept repeating that I was only available for chat and cam. He persisted, however, offering me more money and telling me he would treat me like a princess. Finally, I was convinced of his offerings and agreed.
My biggest concern was the lateness of the hour, 11 p.m., and the remoteness of my location, but I decided I had to start somewhere. As I said, he sounded nice and genuine and young, about half my age.

Five minutes later than arranged, he arrived. I had left the outside light on for him to find me. Well, when he got out of his car, he looked nothing like he sounded. In fact, I thought to myself,
‘God, if I met him in the daylight, I’d have crossed the street to avoid walking past him.’ He was pasty-skinned – there was obviously not too much sunshine in his life – slightly hunched, tattooed, and had several face and ear piercings.
A thought flashed through my brain, making me slightly sick to my stomach.
‘What the fuck have I done?’ But it was too late to back out. He was already coming in the door.
Trying my best to not show he was my first, I faced the stranger sitting quietly on my sofa, and, as calmly as I could muster, I asked him,
‘So, what do you want?’
To which he replied, getting straight to the point,
‘I want to fuck you.’
Composing myself, I walked past him and gestured towards my bedroom as he followed behind me. We both undressed and climbed onto the bed and he did indeed fuck me. It was quite normal, just straightforward fucking. One thing was for sure. He did not come to talk.
Finally, he did speak and asked if I did anal. I faltered and stuttered my reply, then breathed a sigh of relief when I heard him say that it didn’t matter. After about half an hour he climbed off the bed, stood beside me, and started wanking until he came over my thigh. After which he settled up, thanked me, dressed, and left.
That was it. I had seen my first client and, to be honest, he and the ‘meeting’ were not as bad as I’d anticipated. I mean, come on, we’ve all had one-nighters with a stranger. Anyway, I had survived yet again.
I lay in my bed that night, thinking that if I could face him, I could face pretty much anything. He was certainly no charmer, but he was definitely a no-harmer, either.