All About Me

All my working life I have worked with men, either on Army camps or RAF bases from the young age of twenty-one. I have been married three times and engaged twice other than the ones I married. I worked on sex chat lines for sixteen years and have been an escort/dominatrix for four years.

So, what I don't know or have not discovered about turning men on is not worth knowing. I have talked about every taboo subject under the sun. I am a very sexual, naughty, dirty bitch is my most popular name. I have explored every depraved, perverted fantasy and fetish there is going.

Download my explicit of the erotic audios I have on offer, pick one or three and enjoy my dirty imagination and sexy voice, I know you will be cummimg back for more! Let's all iwank today!  All to be found on Amazon.

What I offer here is a combination of recorded stories I call them iwanks because they are a bit like itunes except, far dirtier. I won't be singing to you, that's for sure!

This really is all about me....

Although I have been involved in the sex industry for nearly two decades writing as been my first passion, I discovered it late in life, thirty-six the creation of a world written down or typed as it is now just gives me the biggest buzz ever. I have written books in other genres hopefully to be read and enjoyed really soon

I had actually seen a documentary on Channel 4 about single mums who once their kids were at school, logged on to a sex chat company and straight away I knew that was the job for me.

I had been around men most of my working life and rather missed the banter. And, as I was always a "suggestive digestive", prick-teaser in other words. It was the perfect job for me because I could do the hours to fit around my daily life. Not long into the job, I realised I had this outrageously, dirty imagination. I had discovered my writing abilities a few years before and was able perfect my writing further sharing and developing sexual fantasies to a whole new level. I found myself creating little fantasy worlds for my callers thanks to my writing. I now had the ability to not just talk dirty be help the caller to smell, taste and feel their fantasy with my graphic intense description.

So, I wrote my book… ‘How to Talk Dirty, A Hands On Guide to Phone Sex’. The rest, as they say, is history.

I have since been a regular guest on radio Fubar's Sex Chat. I have been part of a relationship advice panel in the Metro Newspaper. Been interviewed on This Morning, daytime TV. And, wrote articles for Rude Magazine. I now write for an American men's mag, over in New York. I did interviews with several magazines including Mayfair, Escort, Closer, More and Love It!.

Thanks to the documentary which you can enjoy on YouTube, I have been training girls for 3 years now in the art of talking dirty. Some of whom have become successful chat girls and are now expert in handling cocks!


 To Jenny,  The chameleon sex Goddess of men's dreams.
You are a reflection of our own fantasy. A canvas we can project a fantasy upon that then comes to life.
That you are every man's fantasy embodied and then turned back on itself, changing to meet the desires of a million imaginations who are waiting for a latter day sex Goddess...A shape-shifting spirit of eroticism that knows every man's darkest desires, this is you.
In your imagination men can find their own secret desire and you amplify it to a note of perfection taking man and the fantasy to a level as yet unexplored.
  Your Dan, my secrets are safe with you xx