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'Auto-erotic asphyxiation comes in many forms one of which is most

popular fantasy for a lot of men. Their biggest desire is to be smothered by a woman sitting on their face. That's why the book should have been called... 'Death by Pussy'...A Darker Shade of Rose. She loves to smother... A dark erotic thriller driven by a sick and twisted need for gratification. Unable to give life, now her unquenching desire is to take life.'

This book takes fantasy and obsession to a whole new level. It's about a woman trapped within herself fighting against the restraints of her past with a man she only ever feared. It was time to take revenge, in a such a sick and twisted way, a way that's beyond anything comprehensible and imaginable. This book grips from the very beginning - a battle of reality and acceptance of who or what she was becoming. Auto-erotic asphyxiation at its best! In this book, she comes out on top and woe betide the men beneath her.


This is a sexually charged book about auto-erotic asphyxiation. A woman driven by her dark, twisted desires... A crushing tale of revenge when an obsession takes over.
Her obsession that fixates upon feeling men struggling and writhing between her hot, sweaty thighs, smothering them while she rides their faces– even going so far as taking a life or two in her quest for the ultimate pleasure as she feels her victim gasping his last breath inside her!

Rose was born out of necessity rather than desire. That necessity for her was to be more powerful, and more in control than her creator, Suzanna. Rose began as a mask Suzanna hid behind, but the more Suzanna wore her, the more she took her to a world she had yet to explore.

The power of her other persona turned out to be so strong that it eventually took over Suzanna herself, unveiling a dark twisted desire trapped deep within her.
An uncontrollable obsession with reaching the perfect orgasm.